Philippine BPO firms like Summersault take safety measures for ensuring that customer information is protected. This includes following international paramount practices, getting the procedures which are audited by the independent parties and making sure that the procedure is up to date and is being followed closely by philippine bpo companies like Summersault. and Montana's 2012 Entrepreneur - Donald R. Bernard

Summersault is a Philippines BPO Company

In today's competitive BPO world, BPO companies in the philippines and abroad need to quickly achieve best practices in every business process outsourcing along the business value chains without investing capital and increasing costs. At the same time, customers, employees, channel partners & suppliers expectations are forever increasing. At Summersault, we believe that all translation, intepretation and business process outsourcing should be carefully analyzed to understand if they can be outsourced to a provider who can quickly turn them into a competitive advantage. Our proven Business Process Positioning Matrix™ methodology allows clients to identify which processes should be outsourced and what priority they should take in the company's strategic planning cycle.

We are able to offer our clients a comprehensive range of world-class BPO services from transactional and administrative processing to decision support and business process optimization, all designed to continuously improve performance and maximize shareholder value for our clients.

BPO firm summersault is based in the Philippines

Security Environment of BPO companies

BPO companies in Philippines have security practices comparable to those followed by the western companies. Philippine BPO companies primarily fulfill global standard which all the domains of security level.

BPO Companies and firms sign Service Level Agreements (SLA) that has very authoritarian confidentiality and the protection sections built in them at data and network level. Such SLAs also cover up all the relevant laws that companies desire its offshore providers to meet the actions which can be taken in the case of break.

Most BPO companies providing their services to UK clients guarantee the agreement with the UK Data Protection Act.

Philippines BPO firms and companies including Summersault for ensuring that BPO customer information is protected. This includes following foreign business process practices, getting the procedures which are audited independent parties and making sure that the outsourced business process is up to date and is being followed closely by philippines bpo companies like Summersault.

Summersault and US BPO company partnership

Summersault Outsourcing partners with US-based Outsourced Offshore Companies for an undisclosed sum. Outsourced Offshore companies specialise in Korean language interpretation, financial and accounting transaction processing, data capture solutions and IT-enabled offshoring services. The Summersault BPO group executive said.

BPO Companies serving US clients require agreement depending on the industry they are serving. For e.g. The Healthcare industry requires HIPAA compliance, Accounting and Financial services requires the GLBA compliance.

Many BPO industries in Philippines are undergoing SAS 70 Audit which helps to service the companies which are operating from Philippinesfor implementing and improving the internal controls, assure for minimal disruptions to the business from the auditors of the clients, and is effective marketing tool for increasing the competition.

Philippine BPO organizations have raised their quality standards in the recent years for meeting the international demands.  

BPO company reports

According to the BPO Companies report

Almost all Philippine BPO firms have firewalls, anti-virus at various levels, encryption methodologies, authentication, Intrusion Detection System, VPN etc

All BPO Firms have strict policies for not bringing mobile phones, paper, pen etc. in to the work areas and restricted access to internet

Philippines BPO Companies adopt extensive log monitoring, co-relation and analysis, etc.

Most BPO companies have facilities such as security guards, fire suppression systems, etc.

BPO Organizations have Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, the Background screening, and training for their employees


Summersault BPO

Summersault is an IT and BPO services company in the Philippines. With a near decade-long track record of success, Summersault is recognized as a leading expert in the delivery of IT and Business Process Outsourcing solutions utilizing an offshore delivery model. Summersault uses certified highly developed process and methodologies. Summersault works with your company to understand your business needs and strategic goals and we then align our processes to meet goals such as Korean and Hangul Translation and Interpretation.

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